10 Benefits a Natural Gas Line Connection Can Help You Get | Plumbers in Georgetown, SC

10 Benefits a Natural Gas Line Connection Can Help You Get | Plumbers in Georgetown, SC

An outdoor natural gas line connection is a beneficial addition to your backyard.

According to the plumbers in Georgetown, SC, having a backyard equipped with a permanent connection of natural gas has many benefits that we will discuss below in detail.

So if you’ve been skeptical of getting a natural gas connection in your backyard so far, continue reading this post to persuade yourself!

1.   Heat your deck

A natural gas connection in the backyard can help you keep the deck warm by powering gas patio heaters. You can enjoy the warmness and the beauty of a campfire right in your back yard.

Of course, this might not be that useful in the summers but it will become a commodity that will keep you warm throughout the chilly winter. Once you get a natural gas connection installed, winter evening in your backyard will be a treat! You can enjoy your favorite book with a cup of tea, while relaxing in your backyard besides that gas powered heater.


2.   Create memories

Rooftops and the backyard of the house are two ideal places for family reunions. Singing, dancing and narrating horror stories are family reunion norms. No matter if you want a romantic evening with your better half or a joy filled evening with the entire family; a fire pit creates a beautiful ambiance that provides a suitable environment for connecting with your loved ones.

But if you don’t have a natural gas connection in your backyard then you might have to go through the hassle of bringing in the wood and setting the place up. As per the plumbers in Georgetown, SC a permanent connection can power the fire pits so you don’t have to do all that extra work.


3.   Never run out of fuel

You are all set for a party: your friends are ready, the grill has been set-up, and the meat has been marinated, but you find that your gas tank is empty. Now you will have to refill the tank and go through all the hassle involved in the process.

We recommend you to hire a professional plumber in Georgetown, SC and get yourself a permanent natural gas connection in your backyard. Finding a contractor that provides plumbing in George town, SC is essential because installing a gas pipe is a difficult job which involves high risks and so, therefore, it should only be done by the professionals.


4.   Similar to propane gas tanks

As per plumbers in Georgetown, SC, grills powered by natural gas are similar to propane but are permanent fixtures in your backyard.

Propane gas tanks are a good option, they offer a brilliant and cozy feel to your home and come in various different styles, but they are expensive as compared to the natural gas.


5.   Adds to the value of your house

People consider buying those houses which are equipped with some extra features. A natural gas connection can provide that something extra.

A permanent gas connection can save the buyers from investing extra money on propane gas tanks and extra appliances.


6.   Safer option

It is a safer option than a gas cylinder because gas tanks can catch fire and carry the risk of bursting. On the other hand, even if your grill catches fire you can switch off your gas connection from a safe distance from the burning grill if you are using a natural gas connection.


7.   Environment-friendly

Natural gas burns cleaner than butane and charcoal. It is an environment-friendly burning source because unlike other fuel alternatives it doesn’t release nitrogen, sulfur and mercury. Unlike coal it does not leave a non-combustible slug behind that is why a grill powered by natural gas is a better option.

It releases the least amount of particulate matter after burning which gives your food a better taste and makes it healthier. Moreover, natural gas on burning produces less pollution than its counterparts, such as coal and propane.


8.   Cost-efficient

The plumbers in Georgetown, SC consider natural gas as a cheaper alternative to propane filled gas tanks. The main difference between the two is that propane is compressed into liquid form and on the other hand natural gas comes in gaseous form through the pipeline system.

Even though the natural gas requires a lot more fuel to reach the same heat level as propane, still its cost is significantly less. While the price changes depending on your locality and gas supplier, the bill will be 3 times less than what you would get if you had butane powered tanks.


9.   Smoke free

Remember, the last time when you had a barbeque, using coals at your backyard and filled the entire place with lots of smoke? Well one of the benefits of a natural gas connection installed by a skilled plumber in Georgetown, SC is that while cooking on natural gas you don’t have to worry about any smoke.

So, get a permanent natural gas connection installed by a professional plumber in Georgetown, SC, so the next time when you are barbecuing you don’t have to bother with the nuisance of smoke.


10. Other added benefits

A natural gas connection can power a wide range of appliances present in the backyard. It can be used for water heaters, drying clothes and to heat the swimming pools and outdoor gas lighting fixtures.

With all these benefits that an outdoor permanent natural gas connection provides, it’s time you should get one installed by an efficient plumber in Georgetown, SC.

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